Eliminating Procrastination (On-Demand Replay)

Understand The “Why” Behind Your Inability To Start

Procrastination can often be mislabeled as laziness, but in reality, something deeper is going on. From fear to stress, there are many reasons people procrastinate. While putting off unimportant jobs can be harmless, chronic procrastination can negatively impact quality of life, relationships, and career outlook.

Because procrastination comes from an emotional place, once you identify the root cause of why you procrastinate, you can gain a better understanding of how your mind operates and how to avoid triggers that can cause procrastination in the first place.

Join me for Eliminating Procrastination on Tuesday, May 17th to determine the underlying cause of your procrastination so you can implement the right strategy to move forward.

Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks!

According to research, there are two important methods for overcoming procrastination. We can make whatever we’re avoiding feel less uncomfortable, or convince our present selves to care more about our future selves.

From creating and sticking to deadlines for our to-do-lists to learning how to be more accountable, there are many options for correcting the tendency to procrastinate. The most challenging hurdle to overcome is often the simple act of starting!

Created by:

John Terry

Defeat Your Excuses

One inevitable aspect of procrastination is the endless list of excuses:
“I don’t have time right now.”
“I need more information to get started.”
“I need to do ______ first.”

Sounding familiar? While there are times that some excuses may be legitimate, more often than not these are just ways to justify procrastination.

Once you understand what’s causing you to procrastinate, it becomes easier to address the underlying issue and get to work. During this experience, I will walk you through common reasons for procrastination, explain how chronic procrastination can negatively impact relationships and career aspirations, and share techniques and biblical wisdom to help you kick the bad habits and get things done.

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